Mochi Pettan

  • Kamonohashikamo Face Plush | Mochi Pettan Series San-X


    Popular San-X Characters are collected and produced as the famous “Mochi Pettan” series.
    The best feature of the “Mochi Pettan” is its softness and round body as the Japanese word “Mochi” suggests. Do you know the word, “Mochi”? “Mochi” means a rice cake and when we touch very soft and elastic things, we say “mochi mochi”. ?”Pettan” means “flattend” when we make soft things flat. These “Moch Pettan” plush dolls are so soft and feel smooth.
    Their cuteness migh strike your heart. The bottom of the plush doll is a cleaner and you can clean up your smatphone with it easily.